Swami Atmananda in Singapore

During her lifetime Swami Atmananda helped and inspired many people, all over the world.

She helped people change for the better; she gave hope and encouragement, and she transformed lives.

At first sight there was nothing unusual about her. She was very short, not even five foot tall, and sometimes she was slim, sometimes quite plump.

She had long black hair which became white and at times was shorn. You would see her cooking the dal and hanging out the washing, doing all the everyday things – for at one level she was totally ordinary - ‘normal’ was a word she liked to use. She was simple, natural, plain and straight.

In the daily interactions you would chat together as friends, or play and joke like children, for she loved to laugh. She would laugh at herself, and make you laugh, so that the world never seemed gloomy when she was there. She spread sunshine around her, bubbling with life-giving energy.

But behind this, there was another dimension to Swami Atmananda, for she had the power to bring you face to face with the Infinite within yourself. There was a divine aspect to her, fearsome, like the great goddess Kali of Destruction.

She brought about destruction of the ego and discovery of what lay beyond it. Thus she led us from the place of our problems, the starting point, right where we were, to the threshold of the Divine.

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